Sunday, July 29, 2012

SHE'S BACK PV is OUT!!!!!!!!!

FINALLY! THE PV IS OUT! Here, I'll give you the link~

Sorry I only can give the link._. I don't download the PV yet-_-

But the PV is too cuteeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Especially the ending! >w<

And Hoya........he is so.......urgh. I feel like I'm going to die because of his sexiness XD ._.v

WooJong moment in this PV is so cute (I think). And........MyungYeol!!!!!!!!!! OMG they're so infinitely cute asdkjbsegjkdnlkvaqwprfkewnzvcZ

Sunggyu is like cute grandpa in the PV (LOL). And Dongwoo.........when he played with skateboard and the bird is too cute for me >__<

Oh....sorry for the readers because of my too-much-fangirling-on-Infinite-oppadeul. They're so dorky yet cute yet sexy for me.

Infinite-oppadeul, 사랑해~ *throw hearts

Aaaaa they're too cute >w<
GIF's credit: Tumblr


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